Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hanging with my Peeps

I get to school early, usually I pull in around 6 or 6:15. I can't help it. I have always been an early bird and while I don't want the worm I was greeted by a few other early birds. Look at what I saw at 6:30am! 

Around lunch time our first chick hatched! You can imagine the excitement of 26 tiny first graders and one large teacher. 

We worked on magic squares and problem solving strategies but mostly we observed, recorded, and researched facts about our new friends. Right around 2:00, we had three new chicks. 

After school I brought my little chick back. He LOVED the chicks and wondered where they will live. Sorry buddy, not at our house. They are headed to an organic farm where they will live out their days in peace and happiness...unless they are a rooster. 

         I love hanging with my peeps. :) I can't wait to meet our new friends tomorrow!


  1. They are so cute! We constantly have teachers, staff, and students observing them. They head for the farm tomorrow. I don't know if the students or the teachers will miss them more! :)