Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Meeting

I am on WAY too many committees. After planning for meetings THREE days this month already! {It's only the 6th of February!} I've decided that next time my substitute should sub for me in the meetings. They can get paid to take notes and ask questions I compiled from my colleagues. That way I can be in my classroom doing what I love to do...TEACH!

Right now I am meeting with the administrators and teachers from our district to write our teacher evaluation rubric. So I am torn. I believe what we are doing has value and merit, but why do I have to miss school to participate?

I really miss my students. :(

 At least I have Ryan to help me get through. I will be all professionally developed. I also will become a Master at substitute lesson planning. *sigh*

Thanks Ryan, thanks! 

I pulled these amazing pictures from here

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  1. I posted these all over our building on Monday for some fun :) I was just pinning them, my my principal thought they were so funny she said I needed to do it. The phrase for everything today has been, "Hey girl...."