Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Well, I live in Indianapolis so we have been hearing about the Super Bowl for MONTHS! Indy is a fantastic city and it is wonderful to hear the positive comments from visitors. It is 58 degrees here today so I know a lot of people are taking in the happenings at the Super Bowl Village. Our family went last weekend. I, of course, had my camera at school.
In school we can't help but talk about the upcoming game. {This Sunday for those who are far removed from the hype!} Today, we made our "super" players and added our prediction to our Super Bowl t-chart. It was a great way to collect, organize, and analyze data. As you can tell, most of my firsties are going with Peyton's little brother Eli and the Giants to win the Super Bowl. Myself and only ONE other firstie chose the seasoned Patriots to win. We had a great lesson about possible and impossible. I had to admit that my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles are an impossible choice since they failed to win their division. One little guy pointed out that the Colts are in impossible choice to which I immediately felt better about the Eagles.
I freehanded the footballs and they are free if you click on my TPT store HERE. One less thing to do, right?

Tomorrow we are going to write personal narratives about our Super Bowl experiences. So many of our students have been to the Super Bowl Experience or downtown to see the village. We are SUPER excited about our city being in the spotlight.

I found some really great writing paper from the Littlest Learners. Click HERE to download. It is adorable and even better, it's free!


  1. Nice blog sister! I hope you're my sister...
    You're in so many costumes, I have to wonder. Hmm... Thanks for the christmas gifts!

  2. Hi Brother! First grade is the closest I get to acting these days! I enjoy being a pirate, old geezer, apostrophe lady among other things! It is nice to have a captive audience. :) Glad you enjoyed your Christmas gifts. I thought the personalized embosser would give your resume an added bonus.