Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 100th Day of Learning

Happy 100th Day from the Old Bitties in First Grade!!

Today was the 100th day of school for our students. We start in August and get out in May so the 100th day seems to always fall between New Years and Valentine's Day. Our first grade team dressed the part this year. We dressed as 100 year old teachers. I'm the "vertically challenged" one. :) 

We had a great day! In our Language Arts group, we created our "future portraits". We crinkled up paper bags and added hair {three parts Elmer's glue, one part shaving cream}, eyes, smiles, and glitter. {Love!} 

Some of our older gentlemen preferred cotton hair to the messy puffy glue hair. Either way they look adorably old! 

What a sweet little granny! 
Then we wrote about what we would do when we were 100 years old. 

Getting older is not so bad...if it weren't for the memory loss. Now what was I saying?

Students brought in collections of 100 things. Here a young lady demonstrates 100 different nail styles! Which reminds me....I need a manicure. 

A wonderful tower with 100 Popsicle sticks! 

Students also brought in ingredients to make 100 Day Crunch. We had 100 marshmallows, crackers, pretzels, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and raisins.  

Parents came for the last half of the day and heard us sing our 100th day song, snacked with us, and toured our 100th Day Museum. 

I am putting my 100th day song up for free in my TPT store. I just have to figure out how to upload the lyrics. :) 


  1. You three are the best sports! Very cute.

    Forever in First

  2. <3 it. Thanks for posting, friend. I forgot my camera at school and Steve's really been dying to see a pic! You have a wonderful blog dear. I love that you're making time for it. Proud of you. :)

    -Erica N.

  3. The pictures are sooo cute! Great idea!

    Please visit my blog!

  4. Love it! :) By the way, You're it!! Check it out:

    First Grade and Fabulous