Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arrrg! Pirate Fun in First

I purchased an amazing unit by Babbling Abby. You can find it at Teachers Pay Teachers, click here.

My firsties and I were learning about combination ar, er, ir, or, and ur. Our district uses Saxon Phonics, which is very comprehensive program but a tad {or more} on the dull side. So to spice it up, we learned about combination ar with Pirate Mark and Pirate Bart. I was Pirate Bart who stumbled into the classroom with a pirate map and a promise of treasure.

I hid "ar" words around the school and we used treasure map to find our way to a chocolate "bar" treasure. The kids really enjoyed it. The school secretary got such a kick out of it. She took my picture {yikes} and later put it in the school newsletter. *sigh*

We also made our own pirates with a list of "ar" words. I cut out the head and hats for them. They were responsible for adding the hair and "piratey" details. 

     The eye patches and the stubble are just adorable. 

I also read some of my favorite Pirate books. 

They had such a fun time and the "ar" combination really made more sense to them after our pirate day. 

 The students rated Pirate Day "two hooks up"! 

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