Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Snow" much fun!

It is snowing here! I am such a winter gal. I love the cold when snow is involved. Here are a few frosty Pinterest-inspired snow friends. 

Our class read the book, What Do Snowmen Do at Night. We then focused on the different verbs in the story. {Great word choice lesson} Students then had to visualize what action their snowman {or snowgal} would do at night. We had some hilarious examples! 

We used three parts glue and one part shaving cream on blue construction paper. After the paint dried, we cut out the snowman and glued it to a background. Then, we decorated the snowmen and added details. I love glitter! 

"My snowman skateboards at night."

"My snowman types on the laptop and looks up other snowmen at night."


"My snowman sings at night."

"My snowman likes to slide at night."

And my personal favorite, "My snowman digs for gold at night."

"Snow" much fun!