Saturday, January 21, 2012

Permission or Forgiveness?

I earned {sounds so much better than received} my Masters Degree in December. My husband surprised me with a shiny frame. {I love shiny things!} I asked him if he would come in and help me hang it in my classroom.

 Here is my dilemma. 

He came in with his power drill and two screws and anchors. I know it is the only "proper" way to hang a frame, but we are in a building that is two years old. Also my principal has a thing about nail she HATES them. She allowed another teacher one small hole for a frame. But two screws? So for now until I decide to ask for permission or forgiveness, it is leaning on the top of my shelf with the portrait or my son, my singing lion, and lots of dust. 

I had no trouble finding a place for my latest Pinterest craft! My students LOVED it! One of my firsties needed a black crayon and asked if he could pull it off of my wreath. I told him to borrow from a buddy! 


  1. I would go ahead and put the holes in the walls :) Congrats! I have the same wreath pinned as well as a cute crayon monogram. I'm hoping to make them once I catch up on some work and my boys stop being busy- ha! ha! Someday...

    New Adventures in First Grade

  2. It would be really awesome to have the diploma on the wall. :) Now I just have to convince my husband to come back in to school!

    I LOVE the crayon monogram! I keep holding out hope that one of my crafty parents will make it for me. It looks tricky! :) Pinterest is such a blessing....and a curse.